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What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art Psychotherapy integrates psychotherapeutic methods and creative processes together to meet the specific needs of each person. Working with words, metaphors, images, movement, dreams and sound, Art Psychotherapy draws upon the creative capacity of each individual client. Each person is unique so the combination of creative methods used is different for each person also.


Moving beyond words, Art Psychotherapy enables the person to access more hidden and/or difficult thoughts, feelings and memories, helping you to unlock aspects of your unconscious mind. It is the combination of creative techniques with psychotherapeutic understanding that offers you a way to connect your conscious and unconscious mind, your thinking with your feelings, your mind with your body, revealing new possibilities and providing you with a chance to make more conscious choices in your life.


“Everyone is creative in their own way, it’s like a river that runs deep in all of us. By finding that connection to your creativity, you discover the path to self expression, resourcefulness and personal growth.” Eugene Hughes

You do not need artistic ability or creative experience of any sort and sometimes sessions can use words alone. Arts media you may use include: paints, pastels, charcoal, pencils, clay and sculpture, sand tray, collage, postcards, poetry, drama, puppets, working with dreams, bodywork, movement and music.


Read how recent research into neuroscience links creative expression, emotional change and healing:



Art Psychotherapist is a professional title protected by law to ensure the highest standards of proficiency:




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“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes”

- Sally Fields -

What Is Art Psychotheraphy?

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